Havana Tours


Cuba's capital city demotes you back into colonial times. It's contrasts make Havana to a very inconsistent and fascinating city.

The Malecón, a 8 kilometers long  seafront, which goes from the northern part of the old city until the very western end and connects all the different districts to each other, is Havana's heart. On the streets you'll find wild traffic jam of ancient classic cars, bici taxis, pedestrians or sometimes a historical horse-drawn carriage. There are many bars which invite you to have a break and relax with a Mojito and a Cuban cigar to rhythmic salsa sounds.

City Tour

We offer tours through the whole of Havana. Your guide will take you into the vivid depths of the city and show it's landsmarks and gems and tell you about Havana's twisted history and culture. 

Vintage Car Tour

Probably the most authentic and memorable way to see Havana:

In one of the iconic vintage cars we lead you to the heart of the city. 




Visit some of the best Dancing schools, bars and other places where Salsa comes first.